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Which Upcoming NFTs You Should Keep an Eye on in 2022

Upcoming NFTS You Should Keep an Eye

Upcoming NFTS You Should Keep an Eye on in 2022

2021 was a big year for cryptocurrency investors as the industry exploded with new coins and currencies coming out left and right. 2022 has many more opportunities to be excited for, especially with regards to NFTs. Here are some of the top upcoming NFTs you should watch out for. Some have already launched, while others will launch soon enough.

0x Protocol

This decentralized exchange built on Ethereum allows users to trade any pairings of cryptocurrencies or digital assets without any intermediaries by acting as an ecosystem supporting a global network of compatible exchanges and protocols. 

Digital wallet support has already been launched for the 0x Protocol to keep tokens such as ZRX. Among the disadvantages of digital wallet support is that they are less secure than hardware. Wallet hacks have taken place, and it is unclear whether they will go the same way as significant exchanges.


OmiseGO is a decentralized exchange and remittance network built on Ethereum that will enable users to trade any pairings of cryptocurrencies or digital assets without any intermediaries by acting as an ecosystem supporting a global network of compatible exchanges and protocols. 

Colony Coin (COL)

Colony is an open-source blockchain formed by the team behind Colored Coins, the cryptocurrency of the same name, enabling anyone to create their colored coins. COL was launched on April 1st, 2018, but still has not seen any real traction. COL has a market cap of just under $100 million.


This is a decentralized platform for products and information built on blockchain technology. The development team behind VeChain aims to use the token to facilitate markets between manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers of goods and services. 

The team aims to make the supply chain industry more efficient, transparent, and secure by providing real-time data on products and their origins. VeChain has a market cap of just over $3 billion, with a team of 3230 members. 


Qtum is an open-source and public blockchain project that solves real-world business problems and provides business solutions for a decentralized application platform. Qtum aims to provide an alternative ecosystem for enterprises in the financial, IoT and mobile space by providing “web 3.0” capabilities through the integration of smart contracts with proven technology in digital assets, the blockchain, and enterprise platforms. 

The team within Qtum are the same people who created Ethereum and Coincheck, which made the cryptocurrency worth more than $3 billion.

Corion Platform

The Corion Platform is a decentralized financial infrastructure that empowers project creators and investors. Corion Platform is a platform where companies building blockchain-based products can raise funds by issuing their own tokens. It also provides opportunities for non-blockchain-based companies to raise capital and exit investments into the crypto market through a secondary token exchange. 

The entire platform is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It will enable a wide range of financial products based on the tokenization of real-world assets such as securities, capital markets assets, and even real estate. The market decided to invest deeply in Corion as they raised over $5 million in their ICO. The team has more than 200 members, all experienced entrepreneurs, and bankers. 


It is a blockchain infrastructure that empowers enterprises to integrate secure supply chain data management into their existing IT infrastructure. Ternio leverages on-chain sharding for C++ developers allowing for massive scalability with improved security and performance without sacrificing compatibility with legacy systems. 

The scalable blockchain is driven by a dual consensus algorithm of bitcoin-style proof-of-work and Byzantine fault tolerance. Ternio has a market cap of $33 million, with more than 17 members in their team. 

3d Coat Voxel

It is a platform that allows users to create and play in their voxel-based games and user-generated worlds. They were created by the same company that makes 3D Coat, a tool for creating 3D printable models for 3D printers. This aurory NFT game has a market cap of $6 million, with 9 members in their team. 

Pixlr Genesis

This is a blockchain-based in-game tokenization platform aiming to support the development of a new generation of games. Pixlr has a market cap of $6 million and more members in their team. Samurai Doge 

This is a platform where people can create and play their own crypto mining war game based on blockchain technology. This platform launched on December 31st, 2018, but has not seen any real traction. It has a market cap of around $9 million.


This is an open-source, decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies built on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Ethereum game development builds a game on the blockchain ecosystem that enables the trading of ERC-721 tokens on the platform.

This platform launched in April 2018 but has not shown any real traction as it has only a market cap of $3 million.

Akash Network

An open payment platform and operating system based on Ethereum, aiming to be a full-stack blockchain solution for providing financial services in Southeast Asia. The team behind Akash Network aims to create a platform that allows people to use and store any form of assets in a secure and inclusive environment, enabling businesses and individuals to issue assets on the blockchain in trustless environments.


This is a video distribution platform built on blockchain technology. This platform is built to enable decentralized and peer-to-peer video distribution. Bitflix will give a direct cut from the profit of the video shared to the creator of that video. This platform launched in October 2018 and has not seen any real traction yet, but they are just starting up.

LA Token

This is a tokenization of real estate assets to create an efficient investment portfolio with minimal cash requirements. They have a low market cap of $6 million.


An addictive game where you collect, build, and battle using your crypto kitties. This game was launched globally in 2019 so that everyone can play. They have a market cap of around $15 million. 


An interactive, blockchain-based script powered by smart contracts allows users to create their own “meowsicle” game world. This game will allow players to supplement their in-game resources with crypto assets. Meowverse has a market cap of $3 million and several members in their team. 


A 3D virtual world that allows you to build and play with your digital assets on the blockchain. This is a decentralized platform for creating digital real estate without purchasing or storing them anywhere in the system. Their team does not have many members, and the platform is still under development as it was launched in November 2018, but they have a lot of daily downloads. 

Final Thoughts

So many upcoming NFTs exist right now, and it’s exciting to know that development is still going fast. Mentioned above are only a few of the top ones that you should keep an eye on, as they can all be very profitable investments. It’s always good to invest a bit early as it gives you plenty of time for the price to rise before it starts crashing down again as everything follows an ongoing cycle.

Featured Image: Megapixl

About the author: With more than a hundred articles, blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies, Omoalhaja Abiola is an experienced content writer with a specialization in cryptocurrency, blockchain, fintech, and SaaS. When he's not reading, you will see him drinking NAN with Mubeenah - his JEWEL.

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