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Top 10 Brokers for Trading Penny Stocks

Trading Penny Stocks

Buying penny stocks allows anyone to enter the stock market at a low price. Here are some the top 10 brokers for trading penny stocks. Each of these brokers accepts penny stock certificates and offer the best penny stocks to watch right now.

Best Penny Stock Brokers

10) eToro

The trading platform eToro combines investing with a social network. Users can use the eToro platform to buy stocks, futures, cryptocurrencies, and more. Additionally, users can share their strategies, insights, and investments.

The main appeal of this broker is the ability to track other high-performing investors on the platform and follow their trading strategies. This is a practice called covesting that can be useful for penny stock traders trying to find other successful traders to learn from.

Success in the markets is all about edge, and this broker provides an edge through their stock trading social media network.

9) Webull

Webull is similar to eToro in that it is a community-focused retail broker. However, it is also very focused on mobile trading, which allows you to buy and sell securities conveniently from your smartphone.

This platform is more advanced and featured than other mobile retail brokers like Robinhood, but it’s not as featured as some of the older desktop-focused retail brokers in this list. These mobile-focused brokers provide convenience at the cost of depth.

However, Webull also offers little to no fees on transactions, making it an attractive option for penny stock traders looking to enter and exit the market quickly and with minimal fees.

8) Moomoo

Moomoo is another mobile-focused trading platform with an emphasis on advanced features and market analysis tools. It also has desktop software that enables a more detailed look at markets and ways to monetize your penny stock investments.

The sort of depth it provides may be overwhelming to new traders, but investing is a serious endeavor. For serious investors, a more fully-featured interface provides a wealth of important information and an advantage in the marketplace.

The mobile app also includes educational content for new investors, similar to what many retail brokers provide for their clients. A wise investor will take time to learn everything before risking any of their hard-earned money.

7) TradeStation

TradeStation is a robust desktop platform for retail trading, and it is relatively popular as a retail broker for investing. This is not a retail broker for casual investors. It offers a powerful suite of desktop, mobile, and web-based market software for making your moves in penny stocks.

It also offers zero-commission trading for certain investment accounts on its platform. Having little to no commissions on your trades will allow you to buy and sell frequently without racking up a large bill of commissions.

This retail broker is recommended for the serious investor looking to learn and apply their knowledge to make returns in the market.

6) Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers has been a longstanding name in the retail broker industry. The company started by developing some of Wall Street’s first portable electronic stock readers and automated order input machines.

The focus of Interactive Brokers is professional-grade software and automated trading. If you are the type that is skilled with programming or mathematics, then this broker will provide the tools you need to develop your own profitable trading software.

Interactive Brokers is another retail broker for serious investors with a focus on high-tech trading. Whether you seek to use Interactive Brokers for shorting penny stocks or for trading penny stock derivatives, it is a solid choice.

5) Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is the largest publicly traded investment services firm in the United States as well as the largest discount broker. It has a long reputation of offering excellent service, zero fees on stocks and funds, and good research.

It also offers a wealth of educational resources for new investors looking to learn how to navigate the financial market. This is good for people seeking to break into penny stocks and make profits without spending much capital.

Charles Schwab is the best choice for the investor looking to be a customer at the most successful broker.

4) Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments has established itself as a leading brand in both retail banking and retail investing. The company is primarily known for providing quality research to investors as well as zero commission trading for retail investors.

This retail broker is best if you are focusing on retirement investing and research reports for informed long-term investments. The broker also offers a robo-advisor that automatically makes suggestions for profitable investments.

Retail investors looking to build wealth for retirement would choose this broker.


E*TRADE has been a staple name in retail investing for a long time, and it has promoted itself extensively through online marketing. While it once had relatively high fees for retail investors, it recently joined the competition by switching to zero-commission trading.

This broker is best for investors who want a wide range of options in both software and investing styles. Several platforms are available through this broker, each geared towards a specific type of investor.

E*TRADE is your best option if you are seeking flexibility.

2) TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one of the largest brokers in the retail investing market. This broker primarily focuses on investors who prefer derivatives and more advanced methods of trading and investing. This includes funds like the Combined Penny Stock Fund Inc.

The broker features a trading interface that may take some getting used to. But it also offers more power and functionality than other retail trading interfaces. This allows retail investors to access advanced products at a professional level.

TD Ameritrade is a good option for investors who want advanced access to the market.

1) Ustocktrade

Ustocktrade penny stocks are a great option specifically for penny stock traders. While the platform charges a $1 commission per trade and is focused primarily on large US exchanges, it offers a unique peer-to-peer trading system that does not go through official exchanges.

Users can easily exchange penny stocks between themselves at favorable prices and fast execution speeds. This is ideal for the penny stock trader seeking to enter and exit the market at fast speeds.

Ustocktrade is the best option for investors who are looking specifically to trade penny stocks.

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