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8 Top Car-Buying Apps

Top Car-Buying Apps

Shopping for a new or used car is much simpler with car-buying apps. Each application has strengths that appeal to most users. In some cases, one, two, or more applications may provide you with a sense of shopping accomplishment based on what you want to buy.

Car shopping requires extensive research regardless of your medium of choice. You have to repeatedly check for car listings on different sites or send inquiries to various car dealers. Both of these activities are tiresome. And you can opt for the next best option or continue searching in the hope of finding the ultimate best listing. But why bother with such traditional processes when car-buying apps provide you with a comparison platform from the comfort of your couch? 

This article covers eight popular car-buying apps on Android and Apple mobile platforms. These apps can scan cars and approximate their prices, issue alerts when new vehicles surface or prices drop, and give you direct access to the dealer or private seller. Of course, the listing is in no particular order.

1. Used Car Search Pro

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3/5

Used Car Search Pro is the most prominent car search engine in the US. The application provides access to four million cars and trucks for sale and over 40,000 used and new car dealerships in the country. 

The best part about using Used Car Search Pro is that it calculates the market value of used cars and highlights them as either overpriced or underpriced. The app also rates and ranks its dealers to provide trustworthy services to its users. 

Other features of Used Car Search Pro include:

      • Search and listings saving
      • Notification for price drop
      • Keyword search

2. CarMax

Google Play Store Rating: 4.2/5

Unlike most car-buying apps, which support haggling, CarMax’s vehicle listings have fixed prices. The CarMax mobile app provides access to an inventory of over 50,000 used cars and a 7-day money back guarantee on each purchase. 

You can also get free appraisals on actual offers. The application’s features include:

      • Keyword search. For example, car make, model, features, and year
      • Customizable search. CarMax allows you to save your cars and searches and get alerts for any changes to these vehicles
      • One platform for all shopping activities. Using the app, you can request free appraisals and vehicle history reports. You can also calculate the estimated monthly payments on a car, apply for financing, and make the payments via the app

3. Autotrader

Google Play Store Rating: 3/5

Autotrader personalizes your shopping experience. With this app, you can get recommendations based on your favorite car features and get a vehicle delivery to your doorstep. 

The application has more than 20,000 sellers and 6 million cars. Each listed vehicle has a good or excellent price badge indicating whether the purchase offer is good or bad. 

Autotrader’s additional features include:

      • Keyword search
      • The ability to communicate directly with the seller from the car listing
      • Share feature that enables you to share cars through email or text

You can download the Autotrader iPhone app or install it using the Autotrader app apk.

4. Edmunds

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3/5

Edmunds is an app for anyone who is looking for car incentives and manufacturer offers. The app gives you access to a network of over 13,000 new and used car dealers, as well as auto calculators that help you find the perfect lease and price. 

With the Edmunds car app, you can:

        • Communicate directly with a car dealer
        • Find a used or new car for sale near you
        • Calculate your expected monthly payments before signing up for a car purchase
        • Compare car prices from hundreds of dealers
        • Save your favorite search and cars for future reference

The app also allows you to configure your pricing guidelines and determine whether a vehicle fits.

5. Car Buying by Kelley Blue Book

Google Play Store Rating: 1.9/5

Kelley Blue Book provides a platform for reviewing and pricing specific car models and finding dealerships near you. The app has pictures and in-depth videos that aid in your reviews. Still, the app pales in comparison to the Kelley Blue Book website, which provides in-depth information on used and new car listings.

6. TrueCar

Google Play Store Rating: 4.1/5

Each dealer in TrueCar has access to your phone number once you sign up for the application. The app gives you car prices based on what those within your area recently paid for similar listings. 

You can also access purchase discounts through TrueCar’s partner retailers and factories. The following are some of the app’s features:

      • Actual pricing 
      • Trade-in offers for both used and new cars


Google Play Store Rating: 4.6/5 provides a unique overview of expert opinion in car-buying apps. For each car, the app lists what professional testers liked or disliked. The app also gives you access to auto calculators that enable you to calculate the vehicle’s trade-in value and expected loan payments. 

You can do the following on

      • Compare nearby dealerships and local offers
      • View dealer profiles and reviews
      • View estimated prices has over one million car listings and 10 million reviews on Google Play Store. 

8. Autolist

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3/5

Autolist app prides itself on having the most extensive local car selection. The app was among Road Show’s ten best car-buying apps and featured in various news outlets in the US, including the New York Times and ABC News. 

Autolist’s other features are:

      • The app allows you to check a car’s availability and schedule a test drive
      • You can request a price quote from the dealer
      • You can view each listed car’s complete price history to determine whether its price is fair. This feature includes buyer intelligence and saves you from negative equity sales
      • You can search for millions of cars for sale locally or nationwide—all in one place

Featured Image: Twenty20

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