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Tips for Getting a Bank of America Credit Card Preapproval

Bank of America Credit Card Preapproval

The Bank of America provides various credit card options, from the most fundamental no-frills card to a luxury travel card with the best introductory APRs. However, many of these options are tailored to applicants with high to exceptional credit scores (over 670), so individuals on the cusp of this threshold may worry that their application may be refused.

It’s frustrating to have a hard inquiry put on your credit report only to be turned down for the loan. The good news is there are strategies to increase your chances of being approved for the credit card of your dreams.

Preapproved offers, which are precisely what they sound like, are available on several websites. Find out how to get a Bank of America preapproved credit card right now.

Apply for Preapproval on Bank of America’s Website

Finding Bank of America preapproved credit card offers is a breeze when you do it online.

Customers who already have an account with Bank of America may simply log in to see their tailored card options. Bank of America’s CardMatch also necessitates the exact personal details (name, address, and last four digits of SSN) from those who still need to get a Bank of America account. 

Browse the Deals on CardMatch

Although prequalified offers are not available via CardMatchTM, you may still search for cards from the issuer. CardMatch provides prequalified offers and other matches suitable to your credit profile from all leading credit card issuers, including Bank of America, with only basic information and a mild draw to your credit score.

CardMatch is a tool that may help you determine whether you are a good fit for a particular credit card. Bank of America offers shown in the tool are not prequalified. Still, the cards displayed are tailored to your individual credit profile.

Bank of America Credit Card Preapproval Alternatives

Online resources like CardMatch and the Bank of America website are the most convenient ways to become prequalified for a Bank of America credit card. However, sometimes you may get a personalized offer for a Bank of America credit card.

Moreover, when in a Bank of America branch, you may enquire about any prequalified credit card offers you may be eligible for.

Get a Better Chance of Receiving a Preapproved Offer

Don’t panic if you have yet to be targeted for the card you want despite checking CardMatch, the Bank of America site, and your mailbox. Apply again once you’ve worked to raise your credit score.

Maintain a low credit use percentage by always paying your other bills on time and controlling your spending. You may also ask a friend or family member to add you to their account as an authorized user or to help you apply for a credit card specifically designed to help you establish or expand your credit history.

Preapproval Doesn’t Ensure Approval

Your chances of your credit card being accepted will increase if you apply via a prequalified offer. However, this in no way ensures that you will accept it. Prequalification for a card does not guarantee that your application will be accepted.


If you’ve had your eye on a particular Bank of America credit card for vacation, cash back, or a balance transfer, then now is the time to check your preapproved offers online.

These incentives can help you determine whether cards are feasible pursuits and alleviate some of the pressure of submitting an application.

Featured Image: Pexels © Karolina Grabowska

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