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Chosen Ones to Launch a Series of Giveaways Ahead of Public Sale

Chosen Ones to Launch a Series of Giveaways

Good Gamer Entertainment Inc. (TSXV: GOOD) (OTCQB: GGAMF) signed a software licensing agreement with Sig Capital Inc. (dba Fork Gaming) for its giveaway/raffle management solution. Good Gamer has partnered with Fork Gaming in the development and publishing of the Chosen Ones NFT franchise which was first launched in February 2022. 

The raffle/giveaway management consists of a consumer-facing website (with the giveaway name, NFT numbers, and associated wallet addresses of the winners), an admin interface, and smart contracts. The platform uses Chainlink VRF to allow Fork Gaming to run on-chain secure, fair, and verifiable raffles for the Chosen Ones Legendary Heroes NFT project contests.  

Chainlink VRF is an Ethereum based decentralized blockchain oracle network that powers hybrid smart contacts on various blockchains. As an industry standard, it provides tamperproof randomness to smart contract applications, ensuring that giveaways are not interfered with. 

Fork Gaming’s main priority is to provide our communities with a trustworthy, transparent, and verifiable on-chain experience, making the technology Good Gamer is developing essential and Chainlink is an obvious solution to solve the problems NFT projects face when conducting contests,” said Fork Gaming CEO Diego “By licensing Good Gamer’s Giveaway/Raffle Management solution, which prioritizes fairness and transparency to determine winners, we can ensure all of the Chosen Ones contests and giveaways are auditable, tamper-proof and completely random.”

This licensing agreement comes shortly after the company announced its upcoming mint day for the Chosen Ones Legendary Heroes NFT mint day and public sale. Whitelisted users will have priority access to the Legendary Heroes NFT collection, with the rest of the public getting access to the collection on April 3rd starting at 3 PM PST. 

The whitelisted users have a chance to mint up to three NFT following the launch at the price of 0.15 ETH (approximately US$465). During the announcement, the company highlighted its focus on building a community around the Chosen Ones franchise. So far, Chosen Ones has over 29,000 Discord members and 69,000 Twitter followers in its accounts following a strong response after the company’s efforts to grow the community. 

We are delighted to share the news about the Chosen Ones NFT mint day and the release of Kor, our fifth Chosen Ones Hero,” said Good Gamer CEO Charlo Barbosa. “I’m very proud of our team for working tirelessly to bring the Chosen Ones to life and we couldn’t be more excited to be nearing the finish line for the launch of the first NFT collection. The response has already been overwhelming and everyone is excited for mint day.”

After the mint day and public sale, Fork Gaming will host several giveaways pending the reveal of the NFT characters on April 8. Participants will have the chance of winning the iconic NFTs namely a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) (US$367,000) NFT and a CryptoPunk (US$230,000). 

I can’t tell you how excited we are about Fork Gaming’s upcoming Chosen Ones mint day and NFT giveaways,” said Good Gamer CEO, Charlo Barbosa. “There have been so many exciting NFT projects lately that have sold out within days, like the World of Women Galaxy NFTs, or even minutes, like the Impostors NFTs. We believe the Chosen Ones NFT collection has the ability to garner the same massive response from the community and are looking forward to the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk giveaways.  We have not seen any other NFT projects hosting giveaways as large as this.”

Featured Image: Chosen Ones 

About the author: Jay Jackson is a researcher and resourceful writer. He eats, sleeps, and breathes finance, investment, tech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

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