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20 Internet Service Providers With Budget-Friendly Plans and a New Discount Program


Nowadays, having good connectivity to the internet everywhere you go is essential for daily living. According to the Federal Communications Commission, 19 million Americans do not have access to fast enough internet. Many people find it prohibitively expensive to use the internet at home or on their mobile devices. Fortunately, the government and internet service providers are working to close this digital divide. Searching online will show you how.

You might be eligible for free internet access depending on your financial circumstances. Go online and perform a search to determine if you fit the bill.

Here’s how to take advantage of a new discount scheme to get inexpensive internet.

The Program for Affordable Connectivity

The Affordable Connectivity Program was launched by the government to assist tens of millions of American households in getting internet access at home (ACP). Through this initiative, qualified individuals and families can choose between receiving free internet service or a $30 discount on their chosen package.

There are 20 providers who have committed to the ACP, representing more than 80% of the nation. Even big businesses like AT&T and Verizon are supporting this campaign. In an effort to keep internet expenses as low as possible, internet service providers are providing more affordable plans, reduced rates, and even free equipment.

Who then is eligible for the ACP? According to Yahoo! News, applicants must be households with incomes at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty line. You may also be eligible if a member of your family is enrolled in one of the following federal programs:

      • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP);
      • Pell Grants;
      • Medicaid, and;
      • Supplemental Security Income.

Free Internet Options

Major providers nationwide offer free internet to qualified individuals. With the affordability program, carriers are providing users with internet speeds of 100 Mbps on average, with prices for the plans starting at $30 or less. You will receive free high-speed internet access if you select this less expensive plan and use it with the $30 save.

Several companies that offer unrestricted internet access are:

      • AT&T (Up to 100 Mbps internet).
      • Allo Communications (100 Mbps internet).
      • Comporium (100 Mbps x 100 Mbps Fiber internet or 100 x 3 Mbps Cable Modem internet).
      • Frontier (100 Mbps Fiber internet).
      • IdeaTek (Plans up to 100 Mbps available).
      • MLGC (100/20 Mbps internet plan).
      • Verizon (300 Mbps Fios internet).
      • Vermont Telephone Company (Up to 100 Mbps internet).
      • Vexus Fiber.
      • Breezeline (100/10 Mbps internet).
      • WOW! Internet (Internet 100 plan).

Don’t Pay More for Internet

The $30 savings can be applied to other internet plans if you need internet but don’t want to limit yourself to a 100 Mbps plan. For those who access the internet more regularly and need faster speeds, connectivity, and download capacities, this is a fantastic choice.

For instance, in addition to its free package, Frontier offers three higher-speed internet services. With your $30 savings, you can select the 500 Mbps plan, which typically costs $39.99 per month. Your monthly internet bill drops to just $9.99 thanks to this offer.

Through this scheme, more companies also give better internet services for less money.

      • Allo Communications
      • AltaFiber
      • Altice USA / Optimum (free internet with 100 Mbps plan)
      • Astound
      • AT&T
      • Comcast
      • Cox Communications
      • Jackson Energy Authority
      • Mediacom
      • Spectrum (Charter Communications)
      • Starry

Picking an Internet Provider

Those who meet the requirements for the Affordable Connectivity Program can begin considering which provider they want to use. Customers have options when selecting a supplier because there are 20 businesses participating in the program countrywide. Narrow down your search by focusing on the providers in your area.

Consider your budget after that. Do you want to pay nothing per month for internet access? Then you will probably need to select a plan with 100 Mbps speeds. If you want better internet connections, look into more affordable options where you can get the $30 discount. Despite not being free, your high-speed plan will still be considerably less expensive than it would be without the ACP incentive.

Compare Online Internet Service Providers and Plans.

If you are having trouble paying for our internet, find out if you are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program.  A home or eligible individual may pay nothing at all for high-speed internet access. Start an internet search to examine what suppliers have to offer in order to discover a plan that fits both your wants and your budget.

Additionally, you can read more about the ACP online. A brief search will reveal who qualifies for this program and how to sign up. Millions of individuals will be able to access the internet and all of its services on a budget as a result of this project.

Featured Image: Unsplash @ Stevanovicigor

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